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casa verde

Casa verde invites you to rediscover salsa. Trying casa verde is like going from a world of black and white to technicolor. To most americans, salsa is only one narrow type of tomato condiment (mexican ketchup), but to mexicans (or the rest of the spanish-speaking world) salsa simply means "sauce," so it can be absolutely anything. 

For the launch of our products, we set out to make the creamiest, cleanest salsas cremosas ("creamy sauces") you've ever tried. What that means is that we took the freshest peppers, the cleanest oil (avocado), and a few other ingredients to make pure magic. Each salsa cremosa features a specific mexican pepper in all of its glory: you can taste the sweet heat of a habanero or the roasty-toasty goodness of a mild poblano pepper or the velvety smoothness of a serrano.     

If you're tired of dipping stale chips into the same ol' blahlsa you've eaten for decades, this is your moment. Twist open a jar of casa verde and unleash a world of possibilities.

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