Since about 1975, we have been in the business of thinking about opening a web commerce store. Only two score and some extra years later, we really did it. We called it Mercado Avocado, because that's what we wanted to call it. Our fancy schmancy business operates in two very different cities along Interstate 35: Dallas and Austin. In Dallas, everything is big and flashy, from the silky hair to the shiny belt buckles to the swanky boots. In Austin, everything is tattooed, neon-dyed, and alright-alright-alright. Fun fact: if you have the chance to drive on Interstate 35, don't. It's crazy. Like a real life, high stakes game of Frogger. 


So because our team is modest and hard-working, and because we like avocados, we decided we need a mascot. Some schools have mascots that are fine like the Wildcats or the Tigers. Some schools have cool mascots like the Banana Slugs or the Curly Wolves or the Muleriders. Some businesses have mascots, too. Like McDonalds has a had a clown mascot since way before everybody decided clowns are creepy. So our mascot is named Avo. He comes from a long line of Cados who have made their mark on history. His uncle, Incommuni, took the world's most famous vow of silence. His great grandfather, Man, preferred the colder weather up north and founded a fishing village in Minnesota (being midwesterners, they called him Kato).  We could go on about his famous Italian opera singer cousin, Stac Cato, or his great great great aunt, Mi Kado, who was an empress in Japan, but it's unbecoming for a Cado to show such bravado. So Avo is making a name for himself here and now in America. His dad, Eldorado Cado, and his mom, Aficionado Cado, are very proud him. 


When Avo does something great, his dad will give him a thumbs up and say, "That's Dyno-ripe!" You see, being Ripe is the highest compliment for the Cado family: it means you're 100% ready to go. When Avo is chilling with his friends, you may here him say, "All-ripe, all-ripe, all-ripe." (He went to school in Austin, and everybody talks like that there.) So the highest compliment Avo will give is "Certified Ripe." And Avo doesn't sling that compliment around like a bowl of day-old guacamole, you know? 


If you follow Mercado Avocado on Innergram, you'll definitely see Avo make a few cameos. He's trying to be an influencer, but he's a little camera shy, and sometimes big crowds give him a pit in his stomach. But he's a brave avocado, our Avo, and he wants you to know about all of the amazing products we have on Mercado Avocado, so you'll see him around. (He also wants you to know that we take our products, shipping, and customer service much more seriously than we take this ridiculous website. Am I ripe, or am I ripe?!)